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Dawn Baker

Dawn Baker

Contingent Financial Advisor

Dawn has been instrumental in assisting Barbara into her transition as an independent investment advisor.  She came into the business in 1998 and has been on the independent advisor side of the business her entire career.  In addition, Dawn is a Certified Financial Planner with many other certifications and licenses.

Dawn resides in Lake Wylie with her husband whom is also a financial advisor and her teenage daugther.  She enjoys her Pomchis, being outside, practicing yoga, music and traveling.

In the event something unforseeable happend to Barbara.  Dawn has an agreement in place in writing with Barbara that you have a name and face of the person that would fill her role with clients.  Dawn has walked every step of the way with coaching Barbara in developing her business as an independent advisor.  She knows well the Christian emphasis of her business and is prepared to assist you.